Flexible Decorators Filler

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Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Fills in cracks and cavities around the home
Can be sanded, painted or papered over
Safe and easy to apply
15 year guarantee
Easy to apply
15 year guarantee

EVO-STIK Flexible Decorators Filler is a flexible acrylic filler ideal for filling in fine cracks and cavities around the home. It can be sanded, painted or papered over, and does not crack or crumble.

It can be used to seal low movement gaps around window and door frames, skirting boards and coving. It’s also suitable for filling gaps in plasterboard and other internal fixtures prior to decorating.

Suitable materials: Plaster, plasterboard, window frames, door frames, skirting boards, coving.

Sizes: C20 cartridge.

Coverage: Approx. 10m of a 6mm bead per cartridge.


As soon as it is dry through. For thin layers less than 1mm, this could be as little as 30 minutes in good drying conditions. For thicker layers and less than ideal conditions, it could take a full day, or even longer if it’s very thick. Since this sealant shrinks as it dries, the surface stretches and this could crack a paint film if it was applied too soon.

Excess sealant should be carefully scraped away using a knife and the remaining film wiped away immediately with a clean cloth damped with warm soapy water. Set sealant can only be removed mechanically using a sharp knife or scraper.