All Purpose Silicone Sealant

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Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Excellent weather and sunlight resistance
Guaranteed for up to 25 years
Mould resistant
For interior and exterior use
Resists mould

EVO-STIK All Purpose Silicone Sealant is a high quality, flexible silicone sealant that can be used to seal everything from door and window frames to baths, showers, and sinks.

Suitable for both interior and exterior use, with excellent weather, sunlight and mould resistance, it is guaranteed to last for up to 25 years. If you’re looking for a sealant that can handle almost any task you throw at it, this is the ideal choice.

Suitable materials: Door and window frames, glass, stainless steel, ceramics, plastic baths and fittings, and much more.

Sizes: C20 cartridge.

Coverage: Approx. 10m of a 6mm bead per cartridge.


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Frequently Asked Questions

EVO-STIK All Purpose Silicone Sealant should form a skin within 30-40 minutes depending on bead width, temperature and humidity, and will be completely set within approximately 48 hours. 

The fungicide in the sealant can only work if it’s in contact with the mould - which can be prevented if the sealant is covered with soap or grease. A good technique for preventing the stains is to wipe the sealant with some dilute liquid bleach every few weeks.

Yes - as it’s both durable and mould-resistant, EVO-STIK All Purpose Silicone Sealant is ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens. 

No – it’s not suitable for bedding in double-glazed units.