General purpose PVA

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

General purpose adhesive, primer, sealer and dustproofer
Improves adhesion and bond strength when used as a primer
Suitable for use on most building surfaces

EVO-STIK General Purpose PVA is an adhesive, primer, sealer and dustproofer that’s suitable for interior use.
It will bond most building materials provided that one of the surfaces is porous.

When used as a primer, EVO-STIK General Purpose PVA improves adhesion and bond strength to porous or difficult surfaces.

Suitable materials: Bonds most materials, provided one of the surfaces has a degree of porosity e.g. timber, plywood, blockboard, chipboard, fibreboard, expanded polystyrene, polyurethane foam, insulating board, brick, concrete, stone, and slate.

Sizes: 5 litres

Coverage: 6 – 14m2 per litre depending on application thickness and substrate

Frequently Asked Questions

EVO-STIK General Purpose PVA is white before use, but it dries to a transparent film.

No - it would initially work, but PVA has low wear resistance. It will also turn hazy white every time it gets wet.

No - it may leave areas with a sealed and shiny finish. Paint may then not be absorbed into those areas and could peel off. Instead, use a primer that’s recommended by the paint manufacturer.