1 Hour Shower Bathroom Sealant

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Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Fast-drying bathroom sealant that sets within 1 hour
Won't stain, blacken or yellow
Use for sealing around showers, baths and sinks
Suitable for bathrooms and kitchens
Suitable for interior use
Fast Setting
Resists mould

EVO-STIK 1 Hour Shower Sealant is perfect for those who require a fast-drying bathroom sealant to get the job done quickly, without sacrifying the quality of your seal. This quick drying bathroom sealant has been specifcally designed to cure within 1 hour, allowing installation to be back in service with a minimum downtime.

Use to create a tough and resilient seal quickly, around baths, showers and shower trays, basins, kitchen worktops, tiles and stainless steel sink tops. Seal skin forms within 20-30 minutes and is suitable for water contact within 1 hour.

Plus, EVO-STIK 1 Hour Shower Sealant contains fungicides to combat unsightly mould, ensuring the appearance of your sealant is long-lasting.

Available as a fast-drying clear bathroom sealant or white bathroom sealant.

Suitable materials: Tiles, baths, shower trays, basins, kitchen worktops, stainless steel sink-tops. Plus, it provides excellent adhesion to non-porous surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, ceramic tiles and plastic baths and fittings.

Sizes: 290ml cartridge.

Coverage: Approx. 10m of 6mm diameter bead per cartridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. EVO-STIK 1 Hour Shower Bathroom Sealant should form a skin within 20-30 minutes and after one hour it is suitable for water contact. It should be completely set within 24 hours.

The fungicide in the sealant only works if it is touching the mould, and sometimes a film of soap can build up and block it. To prevent this, try cleaning the sealant with dilute bleach once a month or so.

The sealant will last up to 24 months when stored in original packaging in cool, dry conditions.


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