Wall Tile Adhesive Waterproof

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Ready mixed
Excellent mould resistance and initial grab
Tile directly onto existing tiles
For interior use
Ready mixed
Mould Resistant

EVO-STIK Wall Tile Adhesive Waterproof is a waterproof adhesive suitable for fixing ceramic wall tiles to most types of sound interior surfaces. As it’s waterproof, it’s ideal for use in areas subject to infrequent wetting and condensation, such as shower walls, kitchens and bathrooms.

Suitable materials: Bonds ceramic tiles to most types of sound interior surfaces including cement, rendering, plaster, plywood, plasterboard, blockboard, wood chipboard, old glazed tiles, glazed bricks and painted surfaces.

Sizes: Economy, Standard, Large or Extra Large.

Coverage: 11m² per Extra Large tub - dependent upon the nature of the substrate, the adhesive bed thickness and the type of tile.

Frequently Asked Questions

EVO-STIK Wall Tile Adhesive Waterproof should be set within 24 hours depending on the ambient conditions. If it’s being used to bond tiles to impervious surfaces it may take longer.


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