Floor Tile Adhesive Fast Set for Concrete Floors

Available colours
Colour indications are a guide only
Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Suitable for ceramic tiles on concrete floors
May be grouted after 2 hours
Thin or thick bed application
High bond strength
For interior and exterior use
Superior Strength
Fast Setting

EVO-STIK Floor Tile Adhesive Fast Set for Concrete Floors is a cement-based floor tile adhesive that sets within just two hours, making it ideal for use in kitchens,
bathrooms and areas where quick setting is essential.

As it is waterproof and frost resistant, the adhesive is suitable for both interior and exterior use. As well as this, it’s suitable for use on cured concrete surfaces, screeds, over tiles and over floor levelling compounds.

Suitable materials: Bonds ceramic tiles to cured concrete floors, screeds, tiles and floor levelling compounds.

Sizes: 10kg or 20kg.

Coverage: 2m² per 5kg, dependent on the nature of the substrate, the adhesive bed thickness and the type of tile.

Frequently Asked Questions

EVO-STIK Floor Tile Adhesive Fast Set for Concrete Floors should set within 2 hours, depending on the ambient conditions.


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